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Our Story

I began to take notice of our family's skin issues when my oldest daughter became severely afflicted at a young age with eczema.  We just lived with it, but when she came down with a serious case of dandruff, we new we had to act.  After all prescription strength medicated shampoos and treatment options only failed (& actually made it worse), I was determined to find something that would work.  I wanted to eliminate the harsh chemicals and start with the basics.  With my Biology and Homesteading background, along with my husbands technical education in Chemistry, we came up with a simple, high quality shampoo bar for my daughter to try.  It worked, and after 2 shampoos, the dandruff that was caused by an allergic reaction to the harsh additives in her products was completely eliminated and has never returned.  We just knew that we were onto something and we just kept going.  Oregonia SoapWorks grew out of our desire to make healing skin care, without the use of fillers & common allergens as those in synthetic preservatives and fragrances.  The ingredients that are used in commercial products are full of chemicals that make for cheap products and great profits, and the results to our skin is the need for more lotions and medications for skin ailments that are simply a result of bad soap.  We believe in creating high quality products with the purest ingredients that we are proud to list.  You should know what's in YOUR soap?  We want to welcome you to try the difference of an ALL-NATURAL - HEALING - CLEAN!  See how high quality, artisan soap and skin care can effect you.  

See You Soon!

The Chemist's Wife